Education is important. Travel is importanter. Funny Llama Tote Bag. Free Shipping
Education is important. Travel is importanter. Funny Llama Tote Bag. Free Shipping

Education is important. Travel is importanter. Funny Llama Tote Bag. Free Shipping

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College llamas take a road trip

The traveling student's question:

Finish school? Or traipse around Europe like a the brilliant nomad I am?

This bag is the perfect gift for the student traveler who chose travel, but who really needs to be reminded to finish school.

"Look," says the bag. "Go travel. But finish school too."

Traveling with friends teaches you many things.

Grammar isn't one of them.


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Length, in 13 16.03 18
Width, in 3.15 3.15 3.15
Handle height, in 11.82 11.82 11.82
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